• EKS-RUMMET is an artist run project- and exhibition space located at Prags Boulevard in Copenhagen in the studio union of Prag61. EKS-RUMMET was a former studio but since 2015 it has been turned into an exhibition space, with its own entrance. Eks-rummet is run by the artist of Prag61, and since its beginning EKS-RUMMET has shown new as well as more established names from the art scene. In May 2017 EKS-RUMMET decided to invite and arrange open calls with deadlines every half year. The exhibition schedule is set for the period September 2017 until february 2018, with artists from e.g. Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

Velkommen til fernisering d. 20. August kl. 17-20

“I, too, said nothing, showed nothing, I didn’t open my mouth, I didn’t repaint my half of the world.”
(Hélène Cixous: The Laugh of Medusa, 1975)
Inspired by Eks-rummet’s strangely split-in-two showroom, the exhibiting artists have been asked
to contribute with two artworks each: two pieces that are connected – mirroring, echoing or perhaps
opposing each other. With Salon Medusa we aim not only to paint one half but the entire world, and
this will be manifested in a curatorial déjà-vu of repetitive figures shown in Eks-rummet’s
double room.
The exhibiting artists are Sally Dalgaard (DK), Sara Malie (DK), Francisca Markus (DE/CL), Helli
Müller (DE), Hélène Padoux (FR) and Mille Quist (DK)
SALON MEDUSA I is the first edition of a series of collaborative exhibitions aiming to mobilize and bring
together women, trans- and nonbinary artists from different artistic contexts. The project is a border-crossing
protest against our continuous underrepresentation within the contemporary art scene and intends to
facilitate direct physical exposure to this left out majority, one exhibition at a time.