Gruppeudstillingen: PAINTINGPOTLUCK


Emma Sangberg, Bogna Luiza Wisniewska & Anna Taina-Nielsen


Problem solving and idea creation is often executed more efficiently when working in groups.

PAINTINGPOTLUCK is a collaboration project started by
Anna Taina-Nielsen. Taina-Nielsen has invited Emma Sangberg and Bogna Luiza Wisniewska to work together on an experimental exhibition in the artist run exhibition space Eks-rummet on Amager.
One week before the show opens, the three artists who barely know each other, will leave their normal way of working within their studios and art academy, and work together inside the space of Eks-rummet.
Will the experiment change the way they normally work individually? And what will happen when there is no fixed idea or target for the exhibition, but when it instead is created during the working process based on their shared and different ways of working? What will happen when you bring the openness of the studio practice into the exhibition space, and what could you expect of the process or results?

Emma Sangberg (SE) born 1987, Master student at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.

Bogna Luiza Wisniewska (PL) born 1988, Master student at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.

Anna Taina-Nielsen (DK) born 1986, Master of Fine Art 2015, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.

The three artists work with a performative, digital and site specific approach to painting.


PAINTINGPOTLUCK er støttet af Amager Øst Lokaludvalg