Duoshow: Timeswitch


Ingrid Bjørnseth (NO) and Juanma González (SV/ES)

4-6 October 2019

Timeswitch is about encounters with
our different backgrounds
our various views of reality
our ways of understanding
our methods for creating and perceiving art
our becoming aware of.

Timeswitch is a creative space where we put in common questions by converging our interest for time/space, specific situations, walking and poetic reflections. We don’t aim to find an answer to those questions but to get immersed in a sharing-knowledge action that will generate an artistic gesture.

Timeswitch is based on a collaborative process where we will reflect our conception of art making as a result of a confrontation of two divergent statements.

Ingrid Bjørnseth: “The map is not the territory.” My artistic interest focuses on concepts that involve body and reaction to an altered or restricted space (a 50 meter barrier rope is made recently and will be installed at site). Through my site-specific and time-based works, I quest mundane objects, their meaning as objects or as representations, or as art. I work with site, found material, and make renderings of object. I use light as a medium. In my studio I put the light inside of green transport-boxes and switches on/off/on/off/on… This causes the room to be lighten up in a green shade and shadows.

Juanma González: “I am a pilgrim and an artist”. I walk as a methodology. When I can not walk, I draw. White paper becomes the territory for exploring. My mind begins to wander in a landscape where the thinking flows. Nomadic thoughts navigate freely on an imaginary-woven territory. The wandering leads to me far into the realm of ideas and feelings. Memories carry me to places out the time and space, where the origin of our being is. I draw. I draw for leaving a trace of my journey.

Timeswitch is an exhibition for which we have set a starting point: to create an imaginary landscape that will be placed in a physical space. Through online discussions, since we live far apart, we have visualized a room created with wall drawings that reflect nomadic thoughts. The drawings should change by the effect of a green light that temporarily switches on and off. Drawings as maps framed in a state of perpetual fluctuation. Light as a maker, that sets a transitory temperature. The borders are delineated by rope and strings. A setting of limitation for the body as a mark in the territory.

But when Timeswitch is on, everything can change. The encounter in the physical space can transform the initial concept into another idea. Placed in Eks-rummet, we will study the exhibition space and its surroundings. The drawings can be traces on a paper made by psychogeographical exploration and the natural light can generate new meanings on the walls of the gallery. We invite the audience to discover our specific-created landscapes and become part of our artistic process.

For us, Timeswitch is our first collaboration since we met in 2014 at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. For this time, we have kept in contact and followed our artistic careers. We have retained the “vínculo”. For both of us, Timeswitch will be the first exhibition in Copenhagen and the chance to create art outside of our everyday environments and personal practices.


Eks-rummet presents a duo exhibition by

Ingrid Bjørnseth (b.1986, Norway) Bergen based artist. She holds a BFA from the Academy of Fine Arts, NTNU, Trondheim NO, The Royal Institute of Art Stockholm Mejan Stockholm summer-course, Konstfack Fine Art exchange spring and a Master of Fine Art from the Art Academy of Bergen, NO, graduated in 2017. Part one Residency at Künstlerhaus Vorwerk-Stift | Hamburg, part two Residency at Künstlerhaus Vorwerk-Stift | Hamburg DE, exploring the site and the relational aspect with the community in the artist’s house. Simultaneous working on a site and time based project for a solo exhibition at SLAKT Galleri | Bergen NO 2018 and at P A L M E R A (NO) exploring snails and the speed of a car track, that are at opposite ends of each other, both in terms of speed but also the mechanical and technical aspect.

Juanma González (b.1977, Madrid) is an artist currently working and living in Stockholm. He graduated in Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Europea in 1999 (Madrid). Studied Fine Arts in Complutense University. In 2016, he graduated at Kungliga Konsthögskolan. He uses walking as a method for making art. For the last five years, Juanma has been researching pilgrimage as contemporary phenomena and explorational framework. Issues that he has explored in postgraduate courses: Research Lab at KKH 2017 and Sites and Situations at Konstfack 2018. Recent exhibitions and projects include: “Wanderscapes: Undersöka norra Botkyrka” (2019), “Härifrån” at Botkyrka Konsthall (2019), “Wanderscapes: Stockholm” (2018), “Apostlahästar på Gotland” (2017), “Öns Röst” at Frösö kyrka (2016) and “Vi är här “ (2015) at Galleri Mejan, Stockholm.