Gruppeudstillingen: Natural behavior

Natural behavior

Anne Yli-Ikkelä (FI)
Anne Langgaard (DK)
Josefin Tingvall (SE)
Lise Borup (DK)


In the four art pieces selected for the show Natural behavior the four different artists explore imprints in a sculptural and performative way. The works all share a common interest of ways of working with nature or everyday objects that surrounds us.
The artists all share a curiosity towards the medium while at the same time there is a strict ruleset in the investigation of the medium. The outcome of the working process shows the limitations and potentials of the material, body and nature.

The performative way of working with nature and body forces you find in Anne Yli-Ikkelä’s work “Shape of the wind” and Anne Langgaard’s piece “1001 hammerstrokes”.
The outcome is like a trace or mark revealed in the midst of control and letting go. The body and mind challenges the elements and vice versa.

In Josefin Tingvall’s ongoing project “Soft society”, and Lise Borup’s sculptural work “Wood and concrete (fragment of Secret Garden Part 3)”, they approach their subject matter by imprinting and constructing the works with a fixated and formal sensation.

1001 Hammerstrokes
Anne Langgaard:
In ”1001 Hammerstrokes” the expressive performative act of hammerstrokes also becomes an imprint on paper in the precise and pertinent nature of the traditional graphic printmaking. Through the trivial repetitive act of striking on a surface with a hammer 1001 times, ”1001 hammerstrokes” is a gesture towards the poetry, fairytales and presence in the everyday.

Wood and concrete (fragment of Secret Garden Part 3)
Lise Borup:
Centrally located in Copenhagen a Secret Garden lies hidden from the public,
forgotten and left alone to the wild nature. It is clear to see the structure that was
made earlier by human intervention. The tame nature has been organized in beautiful
flower beds and garden paths. Through the years, the wild nature has taken over and
the former imprint shines through the wild-growing area, and lies in a borderland
between unsightly city and untamed nature.
I reflect my discoveries with imprint and remains from the Secret Garden.

Soft Society 2016-ongoing
Josefin Tingvall:
The work Soft Society is an growing suite of prints made with discarded gloves on silk fabric. Through an seasonal ritual of searching my everyday path for dropped traces of others and picking up hand gestures that are not mine an collective portrait is forming, without borders and without faces. The work started in 2016 and is currently consisting of 129 prints.

Shape of the wind (0.59min, 2016)
Anne Yli-Ikkelä:
Shape of the wind is a video where a person holds a plywood that moves and twist according
to the wind thus moving the person as well. It’s a shared movement and interplay between body, material and nature where nature doesn’t really care about the human whims but rather continues what ever it’s doing.