• EKS-RUMMET is an artist run project- and exhibition space located at Prags Boulevard in Copenhagen in the studio union of Prag61. EKS-RUMMET was a former studio but since 2015 it has been turned into an exhibition space, with its own entrance. Eks-rummet is run by the artist of Prag61, and since its beginning EKS-RUMMET has shown new as well as more established names from the art scene. In May 2017 EKS-RUMMET decided to invite and arrange open calls with deadlines every half year. The exhibition schedule is set for the period September 2017 until february 2018, with artists from e.g. Denmark, Sweden and Poland.
  • Amager Pedestrians. Opening on the 18th of may 17.00-20.00


Eks-rummet invites you to the opening of

Amager Pedestrians

by David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo

Opening 18/05, kl. 17-20

Open 19/05–27/05 2018 (torsdag til søndag) kl. 14.00-17.00


“The streets resemble pipes into which men are sucked” wrote Max Piccard in his book The Flight from God from 1951. Picard was talking explicitly about the faith and secularization of the modernity, but what if one uses his metaphor to understand the everyday life in the cities?

Using walk as a working methodology, David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo will create an ongoing exhibition in Eks-rummet. Together with a group of explorers, Lopez Restrepo will walk and explore the streets of Amager in the areas around Eks-rummet the week before the opening in Eks-rummet on the 18th of May.

Throughout the show in Eks-rummet the artist invites the group to create performances, actions, workshops and instal the collected objects and images, of the places that they visited and explored on their walks.

With the collected material, Lopez Restrepo will together with the volunteered walkers create a cartography of Amager in the gallery space, so that every found object becomes part of a memory and landscape of the neighborhood, for the gallery visitors to explore.

Are the group of explorers able to unravel the more or less hidden secrets, symbols and signs on the streets by not following the routinely paths of everyday life?


David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo and Eks-rummet invites you to join the Art Walks on the 11th, 12th, 15th and 16th of may from 17.00-19.00. Check the link for more details:


Or send an email to performancekokkenet@gmail.com to join.

Facebook event for the exhibition: